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>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

I just found Pinterest via Ashley Ann's blog a few weeks ago - and since they just barely found a spot for me I have been pinning away for the last day or two. It's so fun!

Here's a look at some of my "pins".


Basically - all you have to do is find something you love on the internet - for me, that's mostly pictures of home decor inspiration or maybe scrapbook pages. Once you have found something you want to pin you just click on "pin it" - which will be on your favorites menu or wherever you choose to put it (don't worry, pinterest does a great job at explaining how to get this set up). After that you just put it on one of your pin boards (there will be a pop up that will allow you to choose) and, presto! You're done. My favorite part about pinterest is the fact that each pin links back to where you found the picture on the web - which is so awesome for my weekly link posts - and so awesome for DIY projects and recipes and such! Now I don't have to print everything - I can just look it up on pinterest - even on my phone!! Another cool thing about pinterest? You can repin stuff that other people have can follow other pinterest members (if you like their pins) and you can get tons and tons of inspiration for your home and life in general.

Here are a few links to my pins:

I love this kitchen - especially the "market" sign. That would be easy to duplicate using vinyl. Anyway, what a transformation, huh? The before was pretty awful.


This lamp makeover is pretty cool - and cheap to do! You know, you can buy some super cheap lamps at Walmart and if you were to buy a cute shade and add some rope? You'd have a one-of-a-kind boutique looking lamp! Cool!


Poor Jec is going to have her work cut out for her.....once my home is all painted then the decorating begins - which means the vinyl will start to be hung! I'm always on the look out for cute ideas and when I came across this cute vinyl for the Kitchenaid mixer I couldn't resist! How cool is that? I am SO having Jec make me one!


I think the picture arrangement in this nursery is SO cool - I think I might do something like this above my bed.


I think this quilt is pretty cute - and possibly something I could make (maybe. eventually). I especially love the back.


And one more link from around the web:

I made this for dinner on Monday night. I used too many noodles - but it was still really good. Well, I think it was. I didn't actually eat it for dinner - but Bob and Carter seemed to like it.


Happy Thursday, Internet!

Devil Woman, OUT.


Elizabeth Sun Mar 27, 09:13:00 PM 2011  

Seeings as I love all your links - I really love your pins!
But here's my beef... why does everything PW makes have a zillion calories? I just read her cookbook and it was great but heavy IYKWIM.
Happy Monday anyway.

Amanda Gibson Mon Mar 28, 10:03:00 AM 2011  

You are so very right about all the calories, Elizabeth. Which is why I make the dinners but never eat them. Hardly ever, anyway. I'll make the easy ones for Bob, Carter and Jeffery on week nights and I save the super yummy more complicated ones for when we have guests over (and that's when the "hardly ever" comes in for me - I eat what guests eat when we have friends over). If you want some low-cal yummy recipes check out Skinny Taste - there's a links on one of my sidebars. Also, I ALWAYS substitute ground beef with ground turkey (even if I'm not cooking for me) and I always choose fat free sour cream, 2% cheese and anything else that can be bought low fat. Just because I'd like them to eat a little healthy if they can. Know what I mean?

Holly Thu Mar 31, 10:49:00 AM 2011  

I want those vinyl things for my kitchenaid. That's awesome.

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